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Class Information

The classes listed below are currently available.  It is also possible to submit a special request for a training class on the topic of your choice.  A minimum of 3 paid participants is required to form such a class.  If you have a particular need, please email your class topic request to us- if you have at least 3 participants who would like to attend, we can set a course date as soon as you are ready to go.  Price for special-request classes will be determined by the topic you select and by the total number of paid participants for that class.

Course #1

Raising a well-behaved Puppy


This course is 4 weeks long, held on four consecutive Sunday mornings in Carmel Valley.  We conduct on average 3 Courses per year.  Cost is $250 per person.  Email us to find out when the next course series begins.  Discount rate available for Rescues sending more than one class participant.

This course is not your typical Pet Store training class.  It's an in-depth course designed for those individuals who are dedicated to raising well-behaved dogs.  This includes (experienced) rescue fosters and volunteers; select shelter staff; dog trainers; those involved in dog rearing (e.g. breeders); and dedicated dog owners.  


The course is part lecture, part demonstration, and part hands-on participation.  The training is not Obedience-based, as obedience training has little bearing on whether or not a dog will be well-behaved.  There will be live puppies brought in for the training demonstrations, however participants do not need to bring their own puppies to the course.



Course #2

Walking the (Very) Difficult Dog


Do you have a dog that is difficult to walk?  Does your dog pull, lunge, or simply not listen to you on walks?  Does your dog react to other dogs? bikes? lizards?  Have you tried everything already-- harnesses, head halters, prong collars, obedience training, treats, bribes, clickers-- with still no luck??  Then join us for an afternoon of fun and hands-on learning with difficult-to-walk dogs.  Each class is unique based on the dogs that are present for the demos.  Multiple techniques are taught and used in order to match the best approach to each dog’s specific issues. 

Approx. 3 - 4 hours.  $75 per person.



Course #3

Introduction to PLACE Training

PLACE training is the single most important obedience behavior that you can train your dog to perform... and in this class, you'll find out why.  This class covers PLACE training from start to finish-- from emotional conditioning of the equipment to final enforcement of the behavior cue (obedience).  Email for class availability.  

Course cost is $150 per person

Course #4

Introduction to the Remote Training Collar (RTC)


This course runs 3 half-days over two weeks and covers the proper application of the Remote (Electronic) Training Collar.  Topics range from “How to introduce the collar system to the dog” to “How to use the collar to modify unwanted behaviors” to "How to use the RTC to enforce Obedience Commands"

Inquire for more details.  $250 per person.

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