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There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to selecting Dog Training Equipment.  Here are a few of the products on my (short) list of must-have items...

First, you'll need a good leash and collar.  For most dogs, a combination slip lead works very well.  For medium to large-sized dogs, 35 lbs. and over, Ruffwear's Just-a-Cinch slip lead is my personal favorite.


For small to medium-sized dogs, 35 lbs. or less, Mendota has a nice line-up of slip leads for the little ones.

Next, a good Dog Cot or Bed for PLACE training is essential. 4Legs4Pets has the best light-weight yet sturdy cots to get the job done.  Several sizes & many color combinations available.

To check out any of the equipment for purchase, you can click on the individual product picture, or you can click on the Amazon link below and browse as you like.

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Ruffwear Slip Leads

Ruffwear's Just-a-Cinch leads work great for most medium to large-sized dogs.


They are available in one size only, and come in 4 different colors.


Please visit

​​​​​​​​​​​ Blue Spring (Aqua) 

 Purple Dusk  



Mendota Slip Leads

Mendota's Slip Leads work great for most small to medium-sized dogs.  They are available in several sizes, and come in many different colors.  I generally use the 3/8" diameter, 6 foot length leashes when training or walking small to medium-sized dogs less than 35 lbs.

(Please note:  The links below should point to the 6 foot, 3/8" diameter versions-- you may need to select the correct size from the drop down menu on the Amazon page, so always double check to make sure you are ordering the size you want!!  #PaidAd)






Pink Chocolate






Hunter Green






Dog Cots for PLACE Training

4Legs4Pets makes a really nice elevated Dog Bed / Cot for PLACE Training.


They are available in several sizes and many different colors.

Possible length dimensions are 22, 30, 40, and 52 inches, and you can combine these however you like.  For example, you can get a cot in 22 x 22, 40 x 30, 30 x 22, etc. etc.  For PLACE training, you want a cot that isn't too small or too roomy.  For most medium to large dogs, the 22 x 30 inch size is ideal.  For really big or heavy dogs, 30 x 30 or even 40 x 30.  For medium to small dogs, the 22 x 22 size is better.  For very small dogs, under 15 lbs or so, the K&H Pet Cot is a better option (see the K & H link at the bottom of the Cots section).

You can select from many different fabric colors.  Certain fabrics are stronger (Premium weave) versus their Standard weave fabrics-- important factor if your dog is heavy or 'densely' built.

And finally, you have many different color options for the 'legs' of the cot.  Everything is interchangeable.  The possible combinations are... many!!

A select few of these options are listed below.

(Note: Stock photos may not show exact color combinations, but the link should direct you to the correct product.  Always read the description on the Amazon page to ensure that you are ordering the actual product you want!  #PaidAd)

22 x 22

Black w/ Burgundy legs



22 x 22

Tan w/ Tan legs




30 x 22

Black w/ Purple



30 x 30

Gray w/ Gray legs



40 x 30

Gray w/ Burgundy legs


22 x 22

Gray w/ Gray legs



22 x 22

Multi w/ Orange legs



30 x 22

Teal w/ Teal legs



30 x 30

Gray w/ Blue legs



40 x 30

Blue w/ Blue legs



The Original K&H Pet Cot

Recommended for smaller dogs under 15 lbs.

#PaidAd link:

Remote Training Collars

Remote Training (Electronic) Collars or RTCs are powerful tools.  Please make sure you understand how to use them properly.  Dogs do not learn like we do, contrary to what some books or experts may claim (No... worms, birds, and people do not learn in the same way!)  The use of remote collars for shaping, modifying, and enforcing behaviors in dogs is not always intuitive.  


If you are a client of mine, please contact me before even exposing your dog to the remote collar for the first time.  RTCs can do what no other training tools can-- they are like a surgeon's scalpel.  Use them correctly and you can do wonders; but use them incorrectly, and you will quickly make a bloody mess.

For the majority of behavioral issues and for training, the models listed below will generally fit the bill.  If you are using your collar for a specialized purpose or circumstance (on hunting dogs for instance where range is a priority factor; as a multiple dog collar system; with smaller dogs under 20 lbs, etc.), email me for additional RTC suggestions.

Above all, avoid cheap Remote Collars!!  Buy RTCs only from trusted manufacturers known for quality products.  Inferior products are not reliable or dependable, and are therefore not humane tools to be used in training.  If you are not sure which RTC might suit your needs, please email me first.  Below are a few trusted RTCs, available from #PaidAd

E-Collar Technologies

Excellent Collars & Transmitters

The mini-Educator link:


The Educator link:

The Boss link:



Solid reputation for Quality

The 280 NCP link:

The 280C link:

The 1900S link:

Specialty Equipment


Please Note:  Do NOT use pinch collars that have a quick release clip.  These collars are designed to easily unclip while loaded, such as during bite / protection  work.  These collars should only be used by professionals who need to release an agitated dog quickly from the collar-- they are not suitable for use by companion dog owners.  The clips can release the dog from its collar accidentally, at the most inopportune times!!

This is an example of what they look like:


ALWAYS back up any linked-type collars with an additional slip collar.  If your linked collar should ever come off, your dog will still be connected to your leash!  A back-up slip collar (or similar fail-safe) should also be used with any type of head halter or harness, as dogs are notorious for slipping out of these devices when over-stimulated.  Herm Sprenger as well as back-up slip collars are available at #Paid Ad

Herm Sprenger Prong Collars

Medium, 3 mm



Small, 2.25 mm




Herm Sprenger Prong Collars

Large, 3.25 mm



Buckle-style, 2.25 mm




To see all Herm Sprenger collar options, including toggle chains and NeckTech Collars... link:


Back-up / Slip Collars

Black, 22"



Red, 14" 




Back-up / Slip Collars

Blue, 26"



Red, 24"




Cherrybrook Slip Collars

Click the Cherrybrook icon here -->                    to take you to their site.  Once there, type
"Nylon Show Collar" into the Search Box.  The first 3 options-- the Fine, Medium, and Heavy versions of the collar will appear.  Select the right thickness based on the size and strength of your dog.  Call me with any questions.
Cherrybrook has some of the best slip collars that I've seen-- order directly from their site  

Favorite Toys

Fun Fun Fun.


  Benebones, Chuck-its, Kong Bones, Original Kongs, Nylabones, Goughnuts, and more.



Everything else... you name it.


      URPower & Gooby Harnesses, Clickers, Redline Tugs, Muzzles, Treat Pouches, & more.

Books, DVDs

Training and Dog Care


Michael Ellis is one of the very few trainers that both understands dog behavior and is an excellent teacher.  Check out his DVDs--

they are worth it!

The Power of Training Dogs with Food and The Power of Playing Tug are great places to start.

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