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Welcome, and thank you for viewing our website!  Below is a list of useful information for all new and perspective Clients who are considering our services.

Please Note:  Currently, there is a waiting list for new Private Training clients. Please call or email to check availability before filling out the Intake Form. Thank you.
Training Sessions: What to Expect
Each training session will typically last between 60 and 90 minutes long.  During this time, you ca


Occasionally, people do inquire about the possibility of purchasing Gift Certificates for someone else and their dog.  Whether it be for a friend, a neighbor, or a family member, the gifter's thoughts are in the right place.  And while I certainly appreciate the opportunity to work with a challenged dog and their owner, I no longer issue Gift Certificates for training services.  As it turns out, the receiver of the Gift Certificate is rarely as eager to make the lifestyle changes necessary for success as is the giver of the Gift Certificate.  Working with problem dogs isn't like attending a training class or showing up to a group activity.  Success with problem dogs requires initiative and personal responsibility-- a recognition of the problem, a strong motivation to change, and execution of an action plan on a consistent basis.  This just cannot be conferred to another person via a paper certificate.

If you do know of someone that needs help with their dog, and you would like to cover the cost(s) of training for them, that's great-- I'd be happy to help that individual with their dog.  You can make the referral by simply forwarding the website information to them.  The legal owner/guardian of the dog can then contact me directly, fill out the Intake Form, set up the appointment times, and pay for the sessions at the time of service.  

Getting started and setting up appointments

On a related note, I do not make arrangements for training appointments through  third parties (the mother/father, grandparents, brother/sister, roommate, personal/executive assistant, secretary, etc. of the dog owner).  The legal owner of the dog must contact me directly and make arrangements for setting up training appointments.  No exceptions.  Please feel free to contact me if you have specific questions regarding this policy.  

New Policies- Please Read
Gift Certificates



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